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Controls (For Singleplayer and Multiplayer):

  • Left Mouse Button - Select player units.
  • Drag Left Mouse Button - Box select player units.
  • Left Mouse Button Click on Minimap - Instantly pan Camera around.
  • Drag Left Mouse Button on Minimap - Move Camera.
  • Mouse Cursor near Edges - Nudge Camera.
  • Arrow Keys - Nudge Camera.
  • Right Mouse Button - Move to Location.
  • Right Mouse Button Click on Minimap - Move to Minimap Location.
  • S - Split. Split into two units. Note that there's a cooldown of 10 seconds.
  • D - Merge. Merge any two units together.
  • M (In-game only) - Enable/Disable Metrics Report.
  • ` (Tilde) - Debug Console
  • T - Enable/Disable Tooltips (On by Default per Mode)

Units will attack automatically when it sees an enemy unit nearby within its line of sight.

Safety measure is included to prevent players from not being able to split to create more units.